Summer retreat 2024 Zen Forest

 Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that this year's SUMMER RETREAT will take place on June 16-23 in Čiobiškis at the Zen Forest Farmhouse. The retreat will be led by Zen Master Joeng Hye (Andrzej Piotrowski).
During the retreat bowing, chanting, sitting and standing meditation, eating, working, walking, kongan exercises are performed.
During individual conversations with the Teacher, you will be able to ask questions that concern you.
Those who wish to participate should register in advance by transferring 100 ЕUR in advance to the account:
Edita Uzaite
AB Šiaulių bankas
Purpose: Zen 24
After that, please send an email to and write your meditation experience, which day you will come, your name and contact phone number.
If you would like to take precepts, please write about that as well. The precept ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 23, if there are enough people
Note: in case of non-participation, the advance is returned only if another person is found. If circumstances change, inform the organizers as soon as possible.
We recommend participating in the entire retreat, but you can also join for the last three days (June 20 - 23).
Accommodation - in rooms (for 2-4 persons) and tents.
Participation fees (includes accommodation in an air-conditioned room or in a separate "Teacher's House", as well as in tents if the participant so wishes. Vegetarian meals 3 times a day, personal conversations with the Teacher):
non Kwan Um Zen School members/ paying members/Dharma teachers
Full retreat: 300/230/210 EUR
Last 3 days: 220/170/150 EUR
Due to the limited number of seats, accommodation is given priority to early registered members and members who have chosen the whole week. If there are no places left, accommodation is only possible in your own tents or - if you have one - in campers.
Registering after June 5 for all participants plus EUR 50.
If there is a lack of funds, but you would like to participate, contact Linas about the possibility of reducing the fee and/or replacing it with some kind of work.
Entrances to the retreat are possible:
June 16 on Sunday at 5 p.m. (for the whole week) - we will prepare the place of separation and start the exercises at 18.30.
June 20 on Thursday until 18:00 (for the last 3 days).
At no other time is it possible to enter event.
The retreat will end on the morning of Sunday, June 23, with a general cleaning of the separation site. We only leave together when it is fully arranged. If there are any very good reasons why you will not be able to comply with this rule, please let us know in advance and arrange a way to otherwise contribute to the overall operation.
The place of departure is easy to find by navigating to Zen Miskas.
Address Čiobiškis, Neries 19.
Please contact the coordinator with any questions.
Lină Ryškų 8610 19111


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