Summer retreat 2021


Dear Friends,


We are pleased to announce that this year SUMMER RETREAT will take place on July 24-31 in Čiobiškis Zen Forest Centre.






The retreat will be led by Zen Master Joeng Hye (Andrzej Piotrowski).

During the retreat there will be bending, chanting,sitting and standing meditations, eating, working, walking and Kongan practices.

During individual interviews with the Teacher, you will be able to ask questions that concern you. In the retreat, we will follow the rules of the international Kwan Um Zen School (attached).



Those wishing to participate should register in advance (by Thursday evening, July 22) by filling in the form: and by transferring an advance payment  EUR 20 to the account:

IBAN: LT787300010122169376, Tarpt. Kwan Um Zen Budistinės Mokyklos Vilniaus Religinė bendruomenė..


To ensure pandemic control, participants must submit an OPPORTUNITY PASSPORT or a COVID-19 test taken no earlier than 24 hours. until the time of entry into the separation.


Please register only if you have decided to participate in the retreat. And if the plans change - inform the organizers as soon as possible.

We recommend participating in the full retreat, but you can also join for the last three days (July 28-31).


Accommodation - in rooms (1-3 persons each) and in tents.

You can also participate in the retreat remotely by connecting via Zoom. Individuals who have ALREADY been involved in the  retreat of Kwan Um Zen School with Teacher for several days can participate remotely. All registered users will receive the link.


Participation fees (includes accommodation in a 3-bed room with air conditioning or in a tent - if the participant wishes - meals 3 times a day, personal conversations with the Teacher:

Total retreat: 160 EUR (connecting remotely via Zoom - 80 EUR).

Last 3 days: 120 EUR (connecting remotely via Zoom - 60 EUR).

If you stay in a double room, there is an additional charge of EUR 10 per participant per night.

If you wish to have a separate room for one person per night, there is an additional charge of EUR 35 per night.

Registration after July 22 - additional 20 EUR.

If you run out of funds but have a strong desire to practice - contact East for the opportunity to reduce the fee and / or replace it with some work.


Entrances to the retreat are available:

July 24 Saturday at 2 p.m. (full week)- we will prepare the place and start the practice at 18.30.

July 28 Wednesday until 6 p.m. (for the last 3 days).

There is no possibility to enter the retreat at any other time.


The end of the retreat is on July 31st. on Saturday morning for joint site cleaning. We only leave ALL TOGETHER when completely arranged!

If there are any very important reasons why you are not be able to follow this rule, please notify us in advanc.


For any questions you can contact:

Rytis tel .: +370 686 57249:

Linas +370 610 19111;